Lightdale Manufacture, Birmingham

Lightdale Manufacture, Birmingham

Lightdale Manufacture, Birmingham

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4 steps to success

  • Project review

    We will review your project description to identify where we can support you. If requesrted we will send you a signed NDA to ensure full confidentiality;

  • Free Expert consultation

    After reviewing your project proposal, we will send you a meeting request for up to 1 hour of free consultation with one of our senior technical experts.

  • Collaboration Proposal

    Based on your input a Pre-Sales Manager will subit a comprehensive project proposal. It may include technical solutuion, estimates, timelines;

  • Your Expert Team

    Upon approval of the collaboration proposal your expert team will be assembled and be operational within ten business days. You will have assigned a dedicated senior project managers which will act on your behalf according to your needs and requests.